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In the last installement - Romanius took on the might of the youngest Cyclops brother Trollypheus, slaying him to avenge the deaths of many. But, the battle had only begun. There were dark and cruel times ahead. The two remaining Cyclops brothers, Groydonamus and Ograleus have extended their bloody reign by conquering Ceasers Acropolis. They had become an unstoppable force - - and there was only one man who could bring the evil Cyclops brothers to their knees, ending their evil reign forever - - Romanius!

Slaughter armies and don't stop until you've slayed the evil cyclops brothers...

Romanius 2 flash game Controls

Use the LEFT & RIGHT ARROW keys to move. Use A to attack, S to jump and D to defend. The SPACEBAR activates the Power of Titan potion killing everything on the screen. Pressing the A & DOWN ARROW KEY will allow you to triple attack. Pressing the A & UP ARROW KEY will launch a long spear attack.

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