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Wendigo Brothers flash game description

A pair of wendigo living in the Antarctic.Their home have been occupied by a group of terrible darkness monster.Those dark monsters are very atrocious.Wendigo Brothers were brutally treated by them.They were going to the people expelled brothers from their home.The Wendigo brothers decided to resist the continuation of the wendigo race.To defend their own beautiful survival of Antarctic homeland with their blood and sweat.You must lighten all stone with paw print along the way,or it will not able to complete the level even if you've reached exit.

Wendigo Brothers flash game Controls

P1:Use A or D to move, W to jump, S to dash, SPACE to pick or throw ice block.P2:Use ← or β†’ to move, ↑to jump, ↓ to throw snowball,continuous throwing snowballs to form ice block.

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